Make Your Legs Look Longer

legsIn case you’re a lady of petite or normal stature you may need a few tips on what to wear to make legs look longer and accomplish that long, slim leg look. There are a couple of tricks to use to make the fantasy of long, incline and hot legs.


While wearing bottoms in the right shoes can stretch your legs. Match the shoes with your jeans or leggings. Have a go at wearing dark hosiery with dark heels. This look makes a clear line and the eye goes from the highest point of your leg all the way down onto the floor without ceasing.


Pick pants inside of the same shading range as your boots or shoes. In the event that you can’t coordinate the shading precisely. Spread your legs with dull hues. Dark and other quieted shades have a thinning impact, and having them on top of your legs would make the legs look more slim. Slim legs will look leaner and sexier and know what to wear to make legs look longer. Select some jeans with vertical design. Vertical points of interest draw the eye here and there, “deceiving” it into seeing extra length.legs