Look Sexy At Work

workDo you feel quite unattractive at work, like you are supposed to conceal your sex appeal?


Let us face it: sporting that mini skirt and the skin-tight blazer in the office is not exactly work appropriate. While there is nothing at all wrong with you embracing what-you-mama-gave- you’, showing much of it could wind up putting your job to jeopardy. I mean, who can forget that Puerto Rican banker Debora lee Lorenzana once got into trouble with employers for coming dresses “too sexy” at work?


No one is forcing you to wear that old school power suit to work! It all has to do with playing up the curves without looking as though you are headed to a bar. Check out a few style tips to get you looking sexy (and at the same time classy) at work! If your work does require you wearing a suit, ensure it is fitted and that it hugs you well in all the right places. You can go with a fitted blazer, a pencil skirt and a top. This shows you are hot stuff, and that you actually mean business.



If your dress code is a bit looser, you could also throw in your lace blouse accompanied with pointy heels and straight leg pants. What is sexier than lace? Lace is not only one of the hottest fashion trends this season, it has transformative powers as well. Wearing your lacy top or dress will transform any woman to a seductress. It is a way of express the feminine side because once you slip into lace, you feel girly and romantic automatically.work


Lace has a very magical effect on men as they anticipate whatever going to take place when you take the lace off. If you do not like wearing pants, wear pencil skirts accompanied with a tucked-in blouse. Pull the hair back and wear a few pearls. Pearls will amp up the good-girl sex appeal! Also you could try wearing the wrap dress. These kinds of dresses look great on many women. And Trust me, you will have the men in the workplace talking about you all day—in a great way, of course!


Do not limit yourself to just wearing grey, black and blue. If color isn’t your thing, stick to a single piece of a brighter color. For days that are hot and you will be running around wear the hair in a bun accompanied with sexy earrings.