How To Take Care Of Curly Weaves

Weaves have been in trend for decades now. They are beauty enhancers for ladies. Many designs have been manufactured, and each design goes well with particular people. A good example is Kinky Curly Weave which enhances women look by far. However, the curly weaves must be well maintained all times. Otherwise, they will give an opposite of the purpose. If you decide to do curly weaves the following must be put into considerations.

Tips to maintain curly weaves.

Go for natural oilsCurly Weaves

Natural products are expensive but worth. For a healthy look, always use natural oils for your curly weave. They will make it glitter and avoid dryness that causes it to lose shape. If bad oils are used, and the weave may also start cutting off. Most of these curly weaves are long and are supposed to be springy at all time. It can only be so if the oils keep them soft.

Condition carefully

Conditioners maintain hair at their original state. Hence, they are considered very crucial but require a lot of care during use. Over conditioning the hair is like overeating, and it comes with a lot of problems. You know? Well likewise to weaves. Make sure you apply a little condition regularly or as instructed. Do not assume that weaves do not need it since they are artificial. Some of them are made from human hair.

Do not iron.

Straight weaves need ironing as part of their maintenance. Curly weaves are a total opposite of this. Their beauty is in the curls. Ironing makes them lose the curls and hence their beauty is gone. Some of them will freeze and dry out when exposed to heat. They should also not be put in hair dryers or blow dryers.

Preferably, use fingers to comb

It may sound funny. Right?This is the recommended way to comb them if they become tangled. If you use a comb, it will straighten and separate them hence spoil the curls. Some may even pluck out or cut off. Slip your fingers from the base and carefully remove the tangles all the way up. It will also reduce the head pains.

Do not use heavy stylish products.

Simply said, theyCurly Weaves will add weight to the weave and kill the curls. These curls are meant to be light in nature, and add-ons should be avoided. Things like gels will add weight and also make them dry.

To conclude, curly weaves need extra care and should not be worn for long. The curls die off with time losing the beauty. Consider changing them more often for a charming look.…

Tips To Maintain Your Hair Extensions

Whether you have micro hair extensions or luxurious Remy hair extensions, there is a need to maintain them properly. You need to make your extensions last. This is the case if they are fragile. Moreover, a good care will make your weave last longer. Tips essential tips will help maintain your extensions in right shape:

Professional Tightening
Stylists provide professional tightening to weaves. This would be the case if they did it for you in the first place. If you are dealing with complex products such as Brazilian hair extensions, there is a need to tighten them professionally and re-hair extensions secured. This is cheaper than getting a new set.

Comb carefully
When combing your hair, grab it at the base and closer to the head. Comb everything, but gently. This will keep roots of hair extensions stable. This also allows the proper care of the hair. Good combing will protect your weave from getting out before its time.

After you get out of the shower, you need some time for the hair to dry on its own. You can pat it dry or gently using a towel. However, this is all you need. Avoid blow-drying hair and using straightening tips. If you are using drying devices, put the device on its lowest setting possible. You will find this to be the difference in maintaining your extensions.

Consult your stylist
If your extensions are complicated such as fusion hair extensions that attach to the root, you can consult your stylist on proper care. Even small effort can create a great difference. Speak to your stylist about proper maintenance and ways to prevent damage to your hair. Also, ensure your stylist has a routine schedule to taking care of your extensions. This will keep your hair extensions great.

hair extensions Love your scalp
As you take proper care of your extensions and natural hair, pay extra attention to your scalp. You should have a healthy scalp that offer a foundation to hair extensions. Regularly rinse the scalp after three days. This will keep your skin clean. You also scalp produces oils, which keep your hair healthy. Rub some oil into the scalp for a soothing massage before rinsing it.

Sleep tight
Always take proper care of your hair. Before you sleep, allow the hair to completely dry. After it is dry, wrap it in a soft cloth. This will prevent the hair from being tangled or tearing as you sleep. Sometimes you can cover your hair.…

7 Tips for Finding The Best Hairdressers

Women know the importance of finding the best Bournemouth hairdressers they can trust for lovely hairstyles. However, this may not be so easy with the many hair salons in Bournemouth. So if you need help, these tips should prove helpful to you.

1. Though you may think a cheap haircut is enough, it’s not. You will not be satisfied with your hair if you use low budget salons, so avoid Hairdresser them.

2. Ask close friends and relatives for referrals. You can even ask any stranger you find with great looking hair who their stylist is. Just remember that if you go to a salon your friend refers, do mention their name as many salons offer discounts for referrals they receive.

3. If you have located a few potential stylists, but still can’t make your final decision, just ask for a consultation. Most hairdressers offer free consultations during your lunch break. Book consultations with various hairdressers in Bournemouth where you should ask them what services they offer, their rates, the products and techniques used and decide if you like her personality or not.

4. You are never committed to a single hair salon; so do check out various salons and their rates and services. Always look at the stylist who is your potential new hairdresser, and check her hair. If it’s well groomed and styled in the right color and shape, then you know your hair is in good hands!

5. It’s very important that you establish a good rapport with your stylist as you will be spending lots of time with them! The best stylists will give you cut and color recommendations and also copy haircuts from photos you give her!

6. Never feel obligated to your hairdresser. So if you are not happy with the cut or color of your hair after the first visit, there’s no obligation to return or even feign delight. Just gently point out what you are not happy with and ask the hairstylist to fix it. However, if you don’t trust your hair with her anymore, just leave quietly and go someplace else.

7. Once you have found a hairstylist, you are satisfied and happy with, do not cheat on her by visiting other Bournemouth salons. If you remain faithful to her, she will treat you like royalty every time you visit her. Never attempt to cut your own hair at home unless you have undergone some professional beauty school training.

With the help of these 7 tips, you will find it much easier finding the best Bournemouth hairdressers for your next haircut!…