Your Guide to Choosing the Right Epilator for Hair Removal

Epilators are important hair removal tools but many people fail to enjoy their top class offerings simply because they didn’t know how to choose. Total oblivion about important aspects of an epilator is the main reason why many people cannot choose the right tool for their needs.

Choosing the right epilator for hair removal

TweezersHair Removal

While it is not clear whether the number of tweezers affects performance, you should choose according to your experience. If you are new to it, try one with few tweezers as they too will easily grab hairs. You should also bear in mind the fact that more tweezers mean more pain even if that is always expected in the beginning.

Parts to epilate

There are many epilators in the market designed to satisfy various needs, so you want to make sure that your choice is effective for the parts you intend to epilate. This means that one epilator for hair removal might be great for the face but not good enough for a Brazilian.

Epilators designed for the face have a smaller tweezers area against the skin to allow you to tackle tighter areas of the skin. The upside of such design is that it reduces pain during epilation.


Some people value epilators that can withstand water, but those are usually expensive. If this is your preference, you have to bear with cordless devices due to safety concerns by manufacturers.

What comes with an epilator?

It might seem a petty thing is caring about the little accessories that come with this hair removal tool, but some things are necessary. An epilator with light comes highly recommended as do those that come with a quality storage bag.


It is important to look for features that make epilation more comfortable. Pivoting action, lightweight, and shape are all features added to make the process more bearable.

PriceHair Removal

Manufacturers factor in many things when pricing their epilators, but that doesn’t mean that the most expensive is the best quality. Always consider the price after analyzing other factors to make sure that the hair removal tool you pick lives up to its promise.

People that are new to epilating must consider everything above to choose a durable, effective and comfortable tool that will help them ease into the experience. It is a great alternative to other hair removal methods that pose major challenges. Once you’re used to it, epilating can become the fastest, safest and most hygienic method of hair removal.…