What Are The Features Of A Designer Handbag?

Designer handbags are the thing in any lady’s accessory stand. Over the centuries, handbags have evolved tremendously to become a must have for any occasion. In the centuries past, handbags were once reserved for the elite ladies in the society, but now that gap has been breached as all ladies can own a Welden designer handbag. There are many features in any designer bag but the most outstanding ones that you should look out for while shopping for one are:

Features of handbags

MaterialDesigner Handbag

The material used to make a handbag matters a lot because it will determine many things amongst them, its durability, appearance, and worth. Many expensive designer bags are either made of pure cotton, linen, leather, velvet, and suede. Imitations made by less famous bag creators are made of materials such as rayon, faux fur, polyester, silk, and tapestry. Each material is sensitive in character and care; it is further advisable to determine whether you have the right cleaning and storage provisions for your bag.


The size of your handbag can ruin or improve your look. Size also matters if you are choosing a handbag for a particular occasion. Casual and formal dress codes need the right size of bag for either occasion.


The color is a constituent to watch out for in many things, color communicates, and it can either contribute to brightening and improve your outfit or make your look queer. If you are not a regular handbag shopper who makes them less meaningful in your obsession list, you can get a handbag with a color that you can use with most of your outfits.


Straps are Designer Handbagan added advantage to any bag which makes them more portable as you can hang them on your shoulder or tie them around your waist. A strap is not a must have, and if you love going strapless on your bags, then there are plenty of strapless designer bags on the market to choose from. Pockets give consumers more storage places. Pocket tote handbags are the best for consumers who love handbags with pocket features.


Embellishments are various types of decorations on a handbag. These decorations can be anything fancy like small chains, patterns and so on. Embellishments on a handbag are most loved by people who love handbags that give them a playful look rather than a formal one.…