Awesome Dresses That Are Stylish

The fashion industry is always telling women to buy that dress, carry that bag, pair that top with those boots, and what not. However, the fashion industry gets very tight-lipped when it comes to talking about eco friendly fashion.

Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is that wearing eco friendly dresses has its benefits in comparison to wearing tradition ones. For women who are still not convinced, here are some reasons they should stock their closet with these awesome dresses that tend to be environment friendly.

 Dresses1. Better for the Earth

A huge environmental footprint is left behind by the fashion industry, from the use of pesticides to grow cotton to the use of toxic dyes to the landfill impact of worn out dresses to energy consumed in producing them. Around a pound of chemicals are required for conventional cotton that is used to make just one dress and women probably have plenty of dresses in their wardrobe right now. Choosing eco friendly fabrics like bamboo or help or organic fibers can trim the carbon footprint.

2. Better for People

There are several ways in which it is sustainable to that have a Fair Trade Act label. It will become possible to be certain that the dresses were produced under safe working conditions, the people who made them earned fair wages, and that they are sweatshop free.

3. Better for Animals

These awesome dresses are not only good for the environment but for the animals as well, especially when it comes to silk or wool dresses. Even if they are not vegan, women should still play a positive role so that the fashion industry stops taking advantage of animals. They should make sure that their closet is not stocked with any dresses or other clothes that are in any way associated with animal cruelty.

4. They Last Longer

Buying dresses made of eco friendly, organic, renewable fibers is definitely the least toxic choice, but at the same time, the dresses also happen to be long lasting too. Eco friendly dresses in chic silhouettes and classic shapes, with foolproof colors will not only be fashionable, but can also be flaunted for years to come. Consumerism can be cut back this way and waste can be reduced, which will be good for the environment, since energy and resources will be saved.

5. They Are More Personal

Buying eco friendly dresses is somewhat like buying the food that is consumed and goes into the body. Buying local not only applies to organic food but also to eco friendly dresses as well. This means that nearby boutiques should be checked for fashions for local designers. Instead of stopping by the mall, more personal results and personalized service can be obtained by getting eco friendly dresses stitched by a local tailor.


Women do not need to feel alone in their plight to wear these awesome dresses because even brands are playing a role to help the environment. Brands like Study NY, Alabama Chanin, Titania Inglis, Feral Childe, and many others have surfaced as green fashion brands.…